Celebrity Moms Who Set Maternity Fashion Trends

Posted on Jul 17 2013 - 12:53pm by Grace

Any new mom will tell you that when you have a young child to think about, your choice of outfit for the day suddenly seems considerably less important. We’ve all used the ‘it’ll only get ruined anyway’ excuse for maintaining a wardrobe of sweatpants and trainers, but the stereotype of the exhausted, bedraggled mom in food-stained clothes seems to be fading fast. Moms across the country are finding ways to be fashion-conscious while taking care of little ones, and of course, we’re looking to our favourite celebrity moms to lead the way!

Gwen Stefani

Never one to shy away from a bold fashion statement, Gwen is the poster girl for sticking to your style even with small children. Flaunting a range of bright hair colours and quirky Japanese-influenced style, she hasn’t ditched the skyscraper heels but now opts for practical wedges rather than tottering stilettos more often. A hint of red lipstick is also an easy way to add a touch of class to any outfit that Gwen loves.


Jessica Alba

If Gwen’s still a little too done-up for your taste, then take a page out of Jessica Alba’s book and stock up on chic, flattering basics that require minimal thought in the mornings. Alba recently revealed her secret tip: “I love scarves because, inevitably, your kid will vomit on you or have an explosion. So I cover up with scarves.” Protect your clothes – and your style credentials – by following her expert advice.


Kate Middleton

Of course, the most anticipated celebrity baby of the year is our future monarch, with William and Kate’s new arrival due in July. The Duchess of Cambridge has become an established fashion icon, with a signature look that combines natural prettiness with elegant, classic dressing. Kate’s wedding dress sparked a million copycats, and several of her fashion choices, such as her coral jeans, have seen similar versions fly off the rails. Her maternity clothes have been a masterclass in flattering feminine styles, and chances are her new-mum wardrobe will be equally enviable.


Whether your babies are newborns or hulking teenagers, you can find a wardrobe that lets you look your best without holding you up in your mommy duties, ladies! I think isme’s fab range of day dresses proves that comfort and style shouldn’t be mutually exclusive anymore.

What do you think of these celebrity moms’ fashion choices? Which of these ladies is the most stylish Celebrity Mom?


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