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Ah, summertime. The disgusting humidity. The uncomfortable sweatiness. The general malaise of being outside for more than 5 minutes in the heat. (I don’t really like summer – is that obvious?). I am all about promoting sunscreen use and faking the sun-kissed look with bronzer instead.

Bronzer is a tricky make-up to master. Too heavy-handed and you’ll look streaky, a la Lindsay Lohan in one of her many court appearances:

Lindsay Lohan Bronzer

Image via Gossip Girl

However, if you do it right you will look like a glowing vision. I knew I finally got it right when someone in my office asked me if I had recently returned from a beach vacation. As a beauty addict, that compliment was a huge personal victory for me. It’s the little things in life, people.

So how do you apply bronzer correctly? If you have ever had a sunburn on your face, you know that the sun hits certain areas first – your nose, your cheeks and your collarbone. Basically, you want to apply bronzer to these places to make it look like you got some sun. Note – this only applies to POWDER bronzer. I’m not talking about the creamy bronzers that tend to have sparkles in them – putting it on the bridge of your nose will just look garish.


NARS bronzing powder in Laguna

Before you start, even out your skin with a light foundation. With any splotchiness now hidden, you can set to work with your bronzer powder. Remember – and I simply cannot stress this enough – use a light hand.  Start with dusting the bronzer on the bridge of your nose, then move to the apples of your cheeks. Also hit your jaw line and chin. Once you’ve lightly applied, you can layer it for a bit of a stronger look – but just look at LiLo above and, if you look like that, you’ve gone too far.

My favourite bronzer ever is NARS in Laguna. For the brush, you can use a regular blush style brush. However, I prefer to use a Kabuki style brush for more precise application.

Kabuki MAC

Kabuki brush by MAC

If you are unsure about your bronzer future but just want to experiment with the look, you can try a less expensive version from CoverGirl.


CoverGirl Cheekers Bronzer

Good luck!


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