My Ford Back to Basics Weekend

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I had the most incredibly relaxing, yet invigorating weekend ever with Ford Canada. The whole theme was “back to Basics”, where a slew of bloggers and editors were tasked with driving Ford cars (that were picked up from Campbell Ford) all the way up to our  stunning Hotel Quintessence in Tremblant.
When we arrived at Campbell Ford, we got a pretty in-depth lesson on road safety, which included how to check a vehicle’s oil, add washer fluid, change the tires, etc. What was unique about the Ford cars in all this was that the majority of them had these extra special luxury features that made things like staying within your lane, checking your blind spot, and even PARALLEL PARKING ridiculously easy.

My driving partner heading up to Tremblant was Jennifer (who was filling in for Carolyn Lacasse of J’adore This), and we took the 2015 Ford Fusion Ti, which is loaded with driver-assistance technology. When we chose the car, we immediately paired Jen’s phone to the car via Bluetooth, so that the car could automatically dial 911 for us in case of emergency. Jen drove the car the first half of the way there, while I paid attention to the in-car navigation system and satellite radio……but mostly the radio. We really got to know each other over the hour-long drive, to the point where we were cool with singing out loud in front of each other. (Jen didn’t even mind too much that my vocal ability was superior to hers).
The burgundy leather seats inside were absolutely heaven for me, the ultimate leather lover. After the first hour of Jen driving, we stopped at a cute little pet shop to snap some quick photos of the car. One thing I noticed once we got out of the car was how litereally shocked I was that we were in a car. It really felt to me like I had been rolling in an SUV that entire time, and keep in mind that I’m 5’6.
Well, once we got out and snapped some more photos of the car, I got super psyched about its beauty to the point where I just had to give it a spin. Let’s just say the Fusion Ti’s lane-keeping system (which alerts drivers to maintain proper lane position when they’re veering off path via steering wheel vibrations) was really… alert. I also enjoyed the blind spot information system, which alerted me whenever vehicles were positioned within my blind spot by lighting up.

Once we got to the hotel, we were treated to a buffet lunch, followed by a chance to learn to drive manual transmission on a brand spankin’ new Mustang, and the opportunity to test out Ford’s Active Park Assist, which uses sensors to identify a suitable parallel parking space, calculates the trajectory and steers the car to position it within the spot. All I had to do while the car did all the parallel parking was operate the accelerator and brake pedals. After that, I enjoyed a great massage by a masseuse who liked to guess a lot about my personality and lifestyle based on what my muscles and bones said. We had so much fun chatting that I lucked out on getting an extra 15 minutes ;)
The fun didn’t stop there because post-massage, I ran up to my room for an impromptu outfit change to enjoy a nice wine and cheese tasting held in L’Hotel Quintessence’s wine bar, right by its gorgeous cellar.

There was a nice 2-hour gap after the tastings, to give up the chance to wind down, charge our batteries (both human and electronic), chat with family and social followers. Some ladies explored the village, others enjoyed the outdoor jacuzzi, and I opted to take a long nap after updating social media and chatting with my family.

The night was later wrapped up with a gourmet dinner menu, specially crafted for the Ford Back to Basics team, by Executive Chef Georges Laurier, featuring local ingredients and meats, the most amazing creme brulee, and and outdoor s’mores roasting session.

Sunday morning was kicked off with an 8:30 am breakfast call, followed by a very informative crash course on tea with L’essence du the sommelier Marc-Andre Latour. He taught us the history of tea, various health benefits (Oo Long Tea will shrink your figure!)  and warned us against mechanically manufactured brands you find in grocery stores.

Once the tea warmed our stomachs, we head outdoors for a guided snowshoeing trip so cold that most of our phones froze shut and our hair turned silver from ice! It was so beautiful to trek the high mountains, I definitely recommend snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant if you’re looking for beautiful scenery and an intense leg workout.

On our way back, we got to experience a different set of wheels. Although I didn’t get to drive the 2014 Escape Titanium, the heated seats, ample leg room and bluetooth radio were enough to comfort me. Jen and I also shared the car with a third passenger this time around, meaning much more luggage, yet it all fit so effortlessly in the trunk.


Here’s a little video recap of the weekend:

For more photos, check out the gallery below:

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