Real Housewives of Vancouver Takes a Break

Posted on Jun 5 2013 - 4:49pm by Grace

We ALL saw this coming! According to O, The Real Housewives of Vancouver is taking a break. This means the show won’t be filming  a 3rd season as quickly as it filmed the second. They also say that producers have been deliberating between choosing a different cast for season 3 or filming in a different city entirely.

Why should they choose one or the other when they can get rid of Ronnie, Jody, Amanda, aanddd debut another city?

real-housewives-of-vancouver-season-2Image Source: SHAW 


Let’s speculate!

Many, many, mannnnyyy people were so over Jody’s meanness by episode 2. It was never funny or entertaining, and quickly went from somewhat bearable to making everyone downright uncomfortable watching such horrid behaviour. There was even a petition circulating to remove her from the show.

The producers didn’t even bother to strike a balance the whole season, as it literally revolved around one woman’s hate for another that viewers didn’t really care about. The unbalance was unfair to even Jody because when she’s with Mia and Hannah she’s totally sweet, but those were very short and sparse scenes.

If Lark productions focused more on Ioulia’s journey to becoming a respected art dealer, Robin’s singing and ranch, Mary launching Buff Beauty, or anything besides the pettiness, the ratings wouldn’t have dropped so much and there would have been a reunion special.


The Tea from Purse Forum

Here are some interesting pieces of gossip from the ladies over at Purse Forum about everything RHOV. Take them with a grain of salt because it’s just speculation:

  • A video of Jody screaming at hotel security over some woman was unearthed
  • Ronnie’s husband has allegedly “filed for bankruptcy at least once within the last fifteen years, is a huge drinker, like, goes on binges for days, or at least he used to, and him and Ronnie have been to court a couple of times and at least one of those times was due to him laying a hand on her.” Girl On The Coast
  • “Ronnie may not be returning to Season 3, a housewife refused to film the reunion show, and possible legal issues between a few cast members after filming” RHOV Talk
  • “Robin may have served Ronnie for alledging she drugged her in the birthday episode” Imperfect1


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