Why is Diversity in Fashion Occasional Rather Than Consistent?

Posted on Jan 19 2015 - 12:49pm by Grace

We’ve all seen the headlines before. Every few decades or so a brand decides to put some colour on its runways and magazine covers, plus sized women are chosen for A-List campaigns, and gay marriage is shown in commercials. The problem with the fashion industry’s use of minority groups is that it is never consistent, and typically comes at a time where their individual fights for rights and recognition are front page news. It’s almost as if the industry preys on these vulnerable groups in an effort to increase media buzz and sales.


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I asked two super bloggers, Marcia B. Creative of Monthreal and Memoirs of Anesha from Toronto, and they shared their thoughts on the topic at hand:

Why do fashion houses shock us with diverse castings/messages every now and again instead of on a consistent basis?

I think fashion houses try to “shock” us with diverse messages now and again – to create the illusion that they are into change. Many of these diverse messages are infrequent – which I think benefits them secretly – they get to stick to their old and faithful image/PR ‘rollout’ of their brand, yet appearing to be ahead of the game at the same time.

They are following the waves of the climate in regards to the “political image” and in the height/climax of these sensitive topics, they might as well play into this to gain some buzz.

What do you think of their answers; are fashion houses only using diversity as a marketing tool? Make sure to join our VIP club so you don’t miss out on these pressing discussions! Next week we’ll examine how we as consumers should react to being baited with occasional displays of acceptance. In the meantime, share your thoughts with us via the comments section or social media!

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